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Originally from Slovenia, (the former Yugoslavia) Voyko saw opportunities in the United States and came to live directly on the water on Florida’s beautiful gulf coast. Sadly, in 1985, Hurricane Elena suddenly ripped through the Tampa Bay area, bringing devastating tides, 100 plus mile winds, and rising sea levels which caused major flooding throughout scores of coastal areas across Florida. Voyko’s home was destroyed and this devastating act of nature became the catalyst to create the avenues to help rechannel and redistribute rising water levels throughout the world, so that no one has to endure the devastation of coastal flooding again.

In 1986, Voyko turned his attention towards creating the very first line of Holistic Pet Care Products for dogs, cats and birds. Tens of thousands of pet owners were able to recognize the benefits of Voyko’s healing formulas for natural and human-grade foods, vitamins, herbal grooming aids and treats. His products changed the face of the pet food industry and his product line became the standard by which all other companies strived to become.

No stranger to environmental and ecological concerns, Voyko turns his attention now to the catastrophic water crisis that is creeping closer to home every day. From the infernal drought in Cape Town, South Africa and India – to the rising water levels in coastal towns all over the United States. Voyko recognized that the desert has an abundance of two important natural resources; Sun and Wind. What the desert needs is water. Voyko believes that we can harness the power of the extreme desert weather and capture enough solar power and wind energy to turn their powers into beneficial uses. It is becoming more and more common to see Desalination plants all over the world capturing this affordable form of energy.

In 2015, Voyko’s direction turned to safeguarding human lives. He realized the need to build shelters everywhere that could house thousands of people to be able to live and work and take cover when a disaster is looming ahead. Why can’t we plan and prepare for a future where no man, woman, child or pet gets left out? Imagine that you and your entire family, including parents, grandparents, children and pets can swiftly evacuate your home and head to a shelter designed specifically to assist you to stay alive and have all your needs met! Voyko’s vision for you is to have a safe haven to go to, with plenty of food, water and all the necessities to stay out of harm’s way. Facing a looming disaster is bad enough, but if we can take remedial steps to take cover ahead of time, it would benefit everyone on the planet.

He believes that we can we tackle the world’s severe water crisis by building SUPER CANALS to redirect the water, thus lowering rising sea levels and at the same time, bring water to desert regions that are suffering from drought? While the concepts may seem unimaginable, impossible and incredulous, Voyko believes it is just a matter of time before we all have to address the extreme water crisis we are about to endure, if we want to circumvent tragedies for our families and future generations to come.

Through the sale of the artwork on this website, monies will be donated to helping create the Voycanals wherever they are needed in the world. We welcome your input, feedback and expertise to help us realize this beautiful dream. YOU CAN HELP turn a Desert into a living oasis and sand into fertile land.


A native of Slovenia, Sonja has been a painter and a writer all of her life.  Her commitment to the Voycanal project is creating excitement throughout Europe.  Her desire to contribute to the well being of all humanity and help save the planet from this developing water crisis is found evident in her work.  Sonja has donated her amazing works of art and is in the process of creating cultural events with Voyko to help raise awareness and monies to fund the projects.

In 2010, Sonja published a book on poetry. “Pesmi” which in English – means “Songs”

Won’t you please browse Sonja’s works of art in our gallery.

Artist/Writer/Animal Advocate/Humanitarian/Holistic Healer/Dreamer

Rikki-Lee’s beautiful paintings and drawings can be found on our website. As a native of Cape Town, South Africa, Rikki-Lee has experienced the ravages of her drought stricken country first-handed. With wildfires also a common occurrence in this region, she has seen the destruction caused by desertification. Rikki-Lee is aware of the great importance and necessity of expanding consciousness so that all Kingdoms on earth can live together in peace and harmony. She and her amazing little girls (Alaska and Tiger-Lily) hope to be of service to the world by spreading joy through their creations and by helping to support and promote the great work of organizations in South Africa and around the world.

In an e-mail sent to us in February, 2018 – Rikki-Lee writes:

“Always good to be prepared as much as possible for any situation. No matter what country you're in. Day Zero has been moved up to April 12th.

I was VERY lucky to get a delivery of a few cases of drinking water during the week. There is hardly any water left in stock in the Western Cape and people are becoming quite frantic. There are police monitoring water points now because fights have been breaking out. I've got about a month's worth of water stored in my office - well, that's if we only use 20 litres per day between all of us.

I also bought a whole lot of biodegradable plates, bowls, and cups so we don't have to waste water on dishes, which will help too. I'm relying heavily though on hopefully getting at least a bit of rain to fill the rain tanks enough so that we can use that water for washing, flushing, etc. If we don't get any rain, then I'll have to go to the water points, where we are allowed to collect 25 litres per day. It's so strange to see queues and queues of people every day trying to get water. It feels like we're in a movie. We know the disaster is coming and we can't escape it. It's like waiting for a waterless storm to hit. We're trying to make the best of it though as some people don't even have what we're rationed down to now, so we're extremely grateful to have anything at all ❤

Please support our efforts in Cape Town South Africa."

The Solution - The Voycanal Project

Canals to redistribute Rising Waters, Remedy Droughts & Create New Jobs to help wipe out Poverty on the Planet

Art For The Cause - You can Help NOW!

Every piece of art you buy will provide funds to help create the means to help save the planet from the ravages of Natural Disasters

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