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The World is in Crisis!
What if you could STOP Floods, Droughts, & Poverty

The VOYCANAL Project


Bring Water to Regions that are suffering the effects of Desertification.

We can move mountains if we collectively join forces today!

Mother Nature has hit the planet with a lot of force in the last two decades.  We have seen how extreme rising water levels and other acts of nature (Tsunamis and hurricanes) have been wreaking havoc on so many people around the globe.  We have witnessed water devastate so many regions and cause enormous damage, economic hardship, destroyed lives and worsened living conditions.  What if we could actually “steer” the rising waters into some other direction?  What if we could channel all the power of the seas into regions that actually need more water to thrive all over the world?  What if we could gain new fertile lands which would provide the earth with more sustainable food sources which would improve the quality of life everywhere?  


ONE THIRD OF THE EARTH’S SURFACE IS DESERT.  A desert is defined as “less than ten inches of rain each year.”   Deserts are part of a wider classification of regions called  DRYLANDS.  These areas exist under a moisture deficit, which means they can frequently lose more moisture through evaporation than they receive from annual precipitation.

Drylands refer to arid, semi-arid and dry sub-humid areas, and, in general, exclude deserts when referred to in the context of sustainable development. Drylands take up over 40% of the land’s surface.  This is pretty significant, since they are inhabitable and may also contain some mountains.  Drylands refer to arid, semi-arid and dry sub-humid areas, and, in general, exclude deserts when referred to in the context of sustainable development.

Some of the world's semi-arid regions are turning into desert at an alarming rate. This process, known as "desertification," is not caused by drought, but usually arises from the demands of human populations that settle on the semi-arid lands to grow crops and vegetation for animals. The pounding of the soil by the hooves of livestock may degrade the soil and encourage erosion by wind and water.


We begin the process by dredging or digging large canals through the most needed territories all over the world that will ultimately redirect seawater into dry and drought ravaged desert regions.  It can be an extraordinary solve to the planet’s rising tide problem.  The ice on the south and north poles is melting rapidly and consequently the sea levels are rising. Scientists predict that within the next ten years, water levels in Florida alone will rise over 17 inches on the eastern seaboard. This kind of an increase in sea levels would devastate towns, creating floods and chaos and put many of its residents in dangerous, life altering situations.  The Voycanal project is designed to actually lower the sea levels. To solve the problem, we will need to create canals, strategically from the oceans – digging them through the regions that need the water the most so that the new channels of both transport and irrigation will be able to accommodate, displace and accept a vast quantity of sea water. The sea levels would then fall because the waters would flow where they were directed and needed.

This canal could also serve as a natural border with Mexico.

THE CANALS - OUR VISION - Turn a Desert into a Living Oasis and Sand into Fertile Land

We envision that the canals would be wide enough to accommodate the width of three large ocean vessels to pass each other at any given point in the journey. On either side of the canal, we would construct both solar powered communities and wind turbine farms. All deserts have an abundance of both sun and wind, which is ideally suited to self sustaining regions. Communities would have access to new sources of water which could fuel the growth of both economy and tourism. By implementing these ideas today, the planet’s living conditions would improve and its people would prosper. Fertile soil could help to end famine and poverty. These canals could be the catalyst to end poverty in the world as we know it.  Our goal is to better the lives of millions of people all over the planet, but we need your HELP!

By sharing the goals of the Voycanal Project, and involving everyone you know, our world and the lives of future generations would change significantly for the better. The water on the planet would be properly distributed and the canals would continue to be constructed until floods ended and a beautiful oasis can appear, where there used to be drought.

We must join forces as individuals and share the responsibility in reconstructing the earth and redistributing water throughout all nations, in order to create a sustainable planet. It’s time to reach out to world leaders, join forces and help to turn the world around for all future generations to come. Desertification is happening all over the planet at an alarming rate, but we have an answer to help reverse it.

HARNESS THE POWER OF THE DESERT’S OWN NATURAL RESOURCES and we can help make great strides to change the face of the planet and all we want to preserve.  The Voycanal Project is an idea whose time has come for the betterment of us all.

The objective is to dig wide canals through desert regions, so we can redistribute and rechannel sea water into the areas that need it the most.  The abundance of sun and wind create the perfect opportunity to power the areas around the canals, so that agriculture and commerce can blend- to create more of what everyone needs to live better.  The sea water will be turned to fresh, clean, drinkable water – using Solar and Wind Powered Desalination plants, utilizing both land and sea technology.  It’s a GIANT WIN for everyone. 


Voycanals will help speed up transportation by allowing ships to travel across continents, without having to sail around them.  Obviously, this means a tremendous reduction of fossil fuel, which has a positive effect on commerce and the environment.

Use of Desalinization Plants on Navy Vessels in Port

One possible solution to the California drought condition is to use the desalinization plants on board all U.S. naval ships and submarines while they are docked in port. These Navy plants use a reverse osmosis (RO) process to desalinate ocean water while a vessel is at sea. This is a highly reliable system and every country should examine the possibility of assisting regions to gain clean water in a crisis.


An incredible change is taking place in Saudi Arabia right now.  The country is moving its resources into renewable energy and solar power! The latest move is a solar powered desalination plant aimed at treating 60,000 square meters of seawater daily for the northeastern city of Al Khafji. According to the developer, this will be the world’s first utility scale, solar powered desalination plant. There’s a huge potential for the Arab Nation to export its solar technology, and they are ramping up a new desalination plant, which is intended to wean the country off of diesel fuel as well.

Seawater is becoming a critical resource as global freshwater supplies come under increasing stress, but conventional desalination is an expensive, energy-sucking process. Renewable energy offers a chance at lowering both costs and emissions for projects all over the world.

Many countries are looking toward renewable-powered desalination, which is fast becoming a hot topic at conventions like the World Future Energy Summits in Abu Dhabi. The future is here.  Projects are underway at the AlKhafji Desalination plant in Saudi Arabia and Spain’s Triarena Plant is right behind it.  Energy efficiency goes hand in glove with renewable energy, so it looks like the system includes energy recovery, energy storage, and other efficiency systems to complement the solar array.

Currently, the University of Colorado is developing a microbial fuel cell that can desalinate water, treat wastewater and generate electricity all in one process.  The Future is now and you can be a part of the global change that will affect life everywhere.

The Solution - The Voycanal Project

Canals to redistribute Rising Waters, Remedy Droughts & Create New Jobs to help wipe out Poverty on the Planet

Art For The Cause - You can Help NOW!

Every piece of art you buy will provide funds to help create the means to help save the planet from the ravages of Natural Disasters

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