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The World is in Crisis!
What if you could STOP Floods, Droughts, & Poverty


Building Them For All People and Other Living Things

Unless a disaster strikes us personally, we don’t often think about the “What If” scenarios.  What if the seas rise and cause disaster, extreme flooding, power outages and mayhem as they did in the Caribbean as Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico with a huge jolt.

 As recently as January 16, 2018, it was reported that a Meteor struck the state of Michigan and caused a 2.0 seismic earthquake.  This isn't the first time a meteor or meteorite (a meteor that lands on Earth) has caused the ground to shake. The Chelyabinsk meteor registered as a magnitude-4.2 event when it streaked over Russia on Feb. 15, 2013, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

In December of 2017, Northern California experienced one of the most devastating fires in U.S. history.  Over 273,000 acres were burned and 8,400 homes were destroyed. 

So, Where Can EVERYONE go for Safety? What happens to YOUR FAMILY when disaster is looming ahead?

Here is a list  of the ten deadliest natural disasters in the world since 1900.  

1920 - China Earthquake - Estimated Death Toll: 273,400

1923 - Japanese Earthquake - Estimated Death Toll: 143,000

1931 - China Floods - Estimated Death Toll: 1,000,000 to 4,000,000

1935 - China Yangtze River Flood - Estimated Death Toll: 145,000

1970 - Bangladesh Cyclone - Estimated Death Toll 250,000 - 500,000

1975 - China Typhoon - Estimated Death Toll 229,000

1976 - Tangshan/China Earthquake - Estimated Death Toll: 242,000 - 655,000

2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake & Tsunami - Estimated Death Toll: 280,000

1991 - Bangladesh Cyclone- Estimated Death Toll: 138,866

2010 - Haiti Earthquake - Estimated Death Toll 160,000


All these Natural Disasters made us think about how to streamline and execute the process of evacuating frightened, confused, helpless, physically challenged men, women, children and animals. Where could everyone go to seek safe haven in times of extreme distress?


When the media first alerts us to an imminent disaster, WE ALL need to be ready to act.  Why shouldn’t everyone on the planet have a right to safety? How much is a single human life worth and why should we not seek a real solution?  We are proposing constructing large, self sustaining buildings to accommodate tens of thousands of people from any threats to us – whether they are Naturally Occurring or Man Made disasters.  This would be a solution for all people living anywhere on earth. Everyone would have the chance of survival if we provide the means.

Our Structures would not only provide shelter for all in times of disaster, but would also incorporate and promote full scale living and working communities to sustain the costs of such an undertaking.  Our Shelter would include housing necessities, business centers and shopping malls, health care centers, sustainable farming, green transportation, a place for animals and people alike, and provide a large arena for sporting events, concerts and events. 

All over the world, there are cities developing huge structures that are all self sustained, using solar and wind turbine sources.  (Both sun and wind are found naturally abundant and FREE in the Deserts).  Winds may be seasonal, sporadic, or daily. Most desert winds blow between 28 mph and 50mph, depending on where they are at.

Futuristic, Self Sustaining Cities are no longer a dream.  They are real and we need to put our time, money and efforts into making sure that everyone has a safe place to go when danger strikes.


Using Solar Responsive Energy and Wind Turbines, this futuristic 27 million square foot building is slated to be the largest building in the world. The incredible city within a building” will cost $4 billion and features 900 apartments, 3000 hotel rooms, and international school, a cinema, a theater, as well as a sports complex.  The project began to be constructed in 2007, but due to the global economic crisis in 2009, financial backing for the project was lost, and construction of the project was postponed.


The PYRAMID SHAPED structure was designed to house nearly one million people and would be self-sustainable with all-natural energy sources. Like the pyramids of the Mayans and Egyptians, this structure in Dubai would be gigantic; it would cover 0.88 square miles and would be able to sustain a community of up to one million people, which would be capable of running completely off the grid. 

The Solution - The Voycanal Project

Canals to redistribute Rising Waters, Remedy Droughts & Create New Jobs to help wipe out Poverty on the Planet

Art For The Cause - You can Help NOW!

Every piece of art you buy will provide funds to help create the means to help save the planet from the ravages of Natural Disasters

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