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Art For The Cause


We are in the process of establishing The Voycanal 501 C-3 Foundation, and will initially fund the project by offering our own original Works of Art for sale.  We begin by donating our paintings and photographs as shown on our Gallery Page. As we move forward, we will gladly accept other items from individuals all over the world, who wish to contribute to our mission. We will continue to fund the project by reaching out to conscious, caring people everywhere help us create cultural events, concerts, art shows and auctions in order to raise the monies needed for our cause.

Two thirds of the monies collected from the sales of our art will be put into an Escrow Fund to begin to build our projects. We will use all methods of social media, take advantage of Public Relations opportunities, and approach the project with a compelling Human Interest Story.  After all… this crisis does affect all of us, as well as the future of the planet and all the generations to come.  We will reach out to others who understand the sustainability of our planet is a responsibility we all share.

We will organize a core group of engineers and environmental strategists to help create the plans.  We will solicit the United Nations and Government Officials from all over the world to come together and make a new plan of action, so that our children and grandchildren will have a self sustaining life of abundance and no longer fear the consequences of desertification and other disasters.

Rather than focusing on how to destroy nations, we will turn our attention to saving and preserving this amazing planet we live on. If we can put aside our differences and work towards the good of humanity, we have a chance to make a huge impact on all life as we know it today.

We invite you to contribute your own art forms to be sold for the cause and join us in our quest to Save the Planet Today!  Your ideas and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. We need your opinions, your expertise and your cooperation.

Please consider donating your time, skills, thoughts and commercial contacts, environmental knowledge, political connections and expertise in any areas to help launch our plan to help save the planet AND all of its inhabitants.  We need everyone from all walks of life to get on board and pitch in. 

Together, we can make a beautiful dream into a reality and create rivers through the deserts, build desalinization plants to process the salt water into fresh water, resurrect cities and buildings to withstand the wrath of Mother Nature and preserve all life together.  Let us all make a beautiful dream – a reality for now and for all future generations to come! We only have ONE EARTH!

Please make a donation today and accept our art photos as our way of saying “Thank YOU for doing your part in helping to heal the planet”. The time to make a difference is NOW!

The Solution - The Voycanal Project

Canals to redistribute Rising Waters, Remedy Droughts & Create New Jobs to help wipe out Poverty on the Planet

Art For The Cause - You can Help NOW!

Every piece of art you buy will provide funds to help create the means to help save the planet from the ravages of Natural Disasters

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